Responsive website
Individual selection of Golf courses throughout Europe and the USA
Today I want to share with you the design of the website of the service for booking Golf courses and apartments.
Golf Service Pro
Golf aggregator
About project
While developing the design and layout of the site, we developed an aggregator site based on the already working CRM system for searching and ordering Golf courses and hotels.

This CRM system has already successfully proven itself. Our site plays the role of a virtual platform where everyone can choose any Golf course in Russia and abroad, without leaving home.
Develop a user-friendly interface, mainly for a European user of 30-40 years, with further integration of the design into the application, without global improvements.
UX Map
Site structure that allows users to understand where the necessary information is located and how to quickly place an order
UX Prototype
Developed more than 100+ screens for testing functionality
Elements of the brand
The color, font, and logo help to recognize and distinguish the brand in the eyes of the consumer.
Шрифт Noah
Ui Design
Drawing the design according to the prototypes and style